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If your window is draughty or difficult to open, close, lock or unlock we can help. We can also replace worn or damaged handles, hinges and window locks in Louth. Whether your windows need repair because of broken windowpanes, problems with opening or closing, draughts, and leaks, or simply replacing a lock or handle, we’re here to help. Expert window repair Louth for your peace of mind.

  • uPVC window repairs Louth
  • Sash window repair Louth
  • Casement window repair
  • Tilt and turn window repair Louth
  • Window draughts and leaks, replacement window seals, glass upgrades
  • Double Glazing Repairs
  • Condensation on the inside of double-glazed windows
  • Aluminium window repair Louth
  • Misted glass sealed unit replacement Louth
  • Broken glass replacement Louth
  • Window locks repaired or replaced
  • Replacement of window hinges and handles Louth

We offer professional double glazing repairs to homeowners and businesses in Louth and beyond. We specialise in all types of repairs from a simple handle replacement or draughty window, to a seized window or door locked shut. We can help repair a range of hinges, handles, locks and sealed units.

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